I currently teach one undergraduate and one graduate course, both in the Spring semesters.

Introduction to Epidemiology (CPH 309). This course will introduce students to basic principles and methods used in epidemiology.  The course will include basic research designs, estimating outcome measures, and establishing cause and effect and effectiveness of interventions to prevent and cure disease.

This course is a great way to see if you like epidemiology.

Spatial Epidemiology (CPH 676). This course familiarizes students with spatial analysis emphasizing epidemiologic and public health applications.

Students will learn methodological approaches to analysis of spatial data at a level of understanding sufficient to articulate when and how to apply each method. Student will develop specialized expertise in one or more methods via an analytical term paper.

Graduate students from a variety of backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to join the course.


I also guest lecture in a variety of courses. Perhaps I’ll run into you.